A native Floridian, I relocated to Green Bay in 2002. I have been a woodworker for over 25 years and  was drawn in by art, design, beautiful wood grains and all the “COOL” tools one gets to use!! I first studied with an anthropologist/artist who introduced me to many cultures. I was intrigued by historic architecture and design.

Antony Winslow​

We opened a gallery in Tarpon Springs, Florida and my journey began! I’ve worked in many fields including cabinetry and commercial/residential construction. I have always been fascinated by all the tricks and methods used to accomplish a desired effect. My love is art, design and the manifestation of my creativeness into beingness. My wife Jackie has been a huge inspiration to me, influencing me to take my ideas and designs to a more abstract form and breaking any barriers to what can be done. This collection represents my travels as an artist coming into being, utilizing what I have gained along the way and further paving the path towards expanding expressions on the creative horizon.

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